Exeter District Ambulance, California

Proudly Serving the Residents of the Greater Exeter Community

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Exeter District Ambulance have a website?

Exeter residents believe in an open and transparent government.  Keeping the residents free from conflicts of interest.  Using a website is an efficient method of disseminating information.   


Why can't people comment on this site about EDA?

This website is for the delivery of information, participation in a board meeting during Public Comment is the recognized method of receiving public comments.  See the Calendar tab located on the of this page for the next scheduled meeting.


Can I pay my bill using this website?  

No, currently the only way is through contacting Exeter District Ambulance during business hours.  See the Contact tab located at the top of this page.


How can I advertise on this website ?

Exeter District Ambulance is a public agency and does not solicit, endorse, or promote commercial interests. Exeter District Ambulance may list a commercial link for informational purposes only.  It is the sole intent to provide website visitors with relevant informational only.  Commercial requests will be denied.


When I download files from your website; I get PDFs, what are those and how do I use them?

This website offers files in the PDF (Portable Document Format). If you are using a browser that doesn't support reading PDF files then the following link my be useful to you.